Carmen Stoian – Exhibitor Dec 2016

Photography is the story I fail to put in words.

Carmen has always been an artistic and creative soul. From the moment she discovered herself and the world around her, she would spend her time drawing and painting, incorporating fashion design in her teens .

Although Carmen embraced photography about 10 years ago, she always took pictures with her eyes.

Photography is a magical kind of art, an infinite inspiration and energy, spontaneity and freedom. She strives to capture the moment’s spirit, timeless images.

Carmen’s primary focus is raw emotion in each moment. Her vision is to use images to communicate at soul level and to share subtle and yet powerful insights.

In her personal journey, Carmen has been exploring different styles of photography, evolving her vision and curiosity.

All her images are selfies, even though she’s not in them.

Now, more than ever, this passion is guiding her towards new horizons.

Dream. Feel. Discover. Enjoy….



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