Pamela Aminou – Exhibitor Sep 2016


About Pamela Aminou:

Photography started for me as an escape. However, I use it as a mean of self-expression; a way to document my emotion.
Through each image I make, I am able to transcribe what I felt that day and time, to better understand my reality and most importantly to interpret the world around me.
This allows me to engage more deeply with where I am in space and time. My goal is to make photographs that draw viewer’s attention. I focus on details of both the present and the past, a way to see how far we’ve come.
My choice of subjects come from my interest of aesthetic and how we are able to shape the world around us. Each subject documents our generation, our growth, and connection to the environment around us.
I seek the unique beauty and use light and shadow as a tool to shape my own reality. Every subject in my work has its own story and I use my vision to try to tell each story.
By using black and white imagery as my choice, I take the viewer one step away from the actual reality. Using long exposure on the other hand slows you down and lets your mind and imagination almost dance in front of the subject as a way to purposely make you think and make our own interpretation of what is presented.
I’ve also recently started working with traditional architecture. With the rise of the modern architecture, these beautiful and unique places are left sometimes abandoned and through my recent work, I am trying to reveal their forgotten beauty as a reminder that we started from somewhere.
I am inspired by stories, beauty and emotions. I have learned from early on to follow my instinct in life. This strangely guides me to choose my subject and conjures the various series I embark on.
This collection of work comes from my desire to preserve our stories and beautiful moments in my life.

Esther Serrano – Exhibitor Sep 2016

Esther Serrano is a Spanish artist based in London. She purchased her first camera shortly after the birth of her eldest daughter, in order to document her childhood as she grew up. Years later she began drawing and painting, and gradually these hobbies developed into a passion.
In 2010 she completed the two year City Lit Fine Art Course, and in 2011 David Cranswick introduced her to the traditional painting methods and materials of the European Old Masters.
Embarking late on an artistic career as a figurative artist, Esther is fascinated by people, light and shadow, reflections and textures. She enjoys working in a variety of mediums, her favourite being the one she is using at the time.
Her paintings and linocuts were exhibited at the Society of Women Artist at Mall Galleries, London in June 2014; and was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2013, and the Royal Portrait Society in 2016.
Recently, she has become a member of the Muswell Hill Photographic Society, and won the Mike McCArthy Photographic Award for Art in Nature 2016.

About her Images
These wildlife images were taking in July 2016 and are available for sale. They are printed in a fine art paper with archival ink, editions of 100.
A2 size (594x420mm or 23.4 x 16.5 in) £200 (unframed)
If you are interested in purchasing, please contact the artist:
– email “estherserrano.fineart@live.com”
– mobile on 00 44 794 636 3002.

Her website is www.estherserranoart.com.



Laurence Trolet – Exhibitor Sep 2016

Born in Paris in 1969, Laurence studied at the Maryse Eloy College of Art and Design (Paris) from 1989 until 1992, where she undertook courses in Graphic Art, Visual Communication,Publishing, Advertising and Media Practice.


From then until 2011, Laurence enjoyed successful careers in high end fashion and finance. Her keen eye for details, creative vision and excellent people skills have allowed her to establish myself in both France and the united Kingdom.

In 2011, Laurence turned to photography. After completing a photography course at Kensington and Chelsea college, she was offered a number of commissions and have not looked back since…

Website : www.laurencetroletphotography.com Instagram laurencetroletphotography
Mobile 07899 982254

Coloured prints : 60×40 cm C-Type Metallic 550£
Black & White prints : 60X40 cm Direct to media on brushed Di Bond £650








Sophie de Serdieu – Exhibitor Sep 2016

Sophie de Serdieu is an art dealer, specialising in impressionist and modern art. Her interest in remote tribes and cultures has led her to travel to many areas such as Irian Jaya in Indonesia , Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Namibia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India…….
She developed a passion for photography as it gave her the means to capture the faces of the incredible people she met during her travels.
Sophie shares her time between Paris, Chang Mai in North Thailand, and the many places she is yet to discover such as as Orissa in East India.

Contact details

email: Sophie.deserdieu@gmail.com
Tel: +44 7794493665

All pictures are signed, available for sale (unframed) with a maximum of 25 prints each.

Sabba Choudry – Exhibitor Sep 2016


About Sabba:

My photography journey began in December 2010 Following the purchase of my first camera to capture a special family holiday in the Far East.

By day I am a HR Project Professional and over the years I’ve found photography to be a wonderful escape from the hecticness of everyday life.

I love that photography allows me complete freedom compared with other aspects of life where we are bound to conformism. I feel photography sets me free to go off with my camera and capture anything I wish from night lights to seasonal changes to landscapes. The only limitations are the ones I set for myself.

Through the lens I’ve became so much more aware of the beauty in the world around me, both God given through nature and man made through city sights. Despite the many troubles in this world, I believe if we stop to look around we will see an incredibly beautiful world.

I have an extensive portfolio of various photography subjects but for this show I’ve chosen to exhibit my city night lights images. The glowing bright lights provide cities with a new awakening that cannot be noticed during the day. These bright lights of city sights represent beauty, stillness and calm after the day has passed. Capturing night lights is challenge indeed but I welcome it gladly as causes me to completely focus and that in turn provides me with much needed escapism right in the middle of busy city life.

All prints are for sale at special offer for this show at £55, please use the contact details below to purchase:

w: www.sabbachoudry.com
e: info@sabbachoudry.com
t: 07855599949

Claire Halas – Exhibitor Sep 2016

Claire is a portrait, wedding and sports photographer. She is inspired by people’s stories, the love story of a wedding, the personal journey of a sports person, the model, business person, family or friend who needs a professional photo or just something to treasure.

Claire loves to learn and develop her skills as a photographer, meeting likeminded creative people to share ideas, inspirations and feedback on work.

Please contact Claire is you would like to purchase any of her photos – 07590 507826 or email: Claire@clairehalasphotoghraphy.com


Guna Amuthan

Guna Amuthan is an industrialist-turned-freelancer who took street photography in 2012 after realising that creative art is entwined more in the day-to-day life. Pursuing his passion for photography, Guna Amuthan begins his day with the diverse expressions of people at his doorstep, streets and suburbs of Madurai, the temple city of Tamil Nadu, that is renowned for traditional forms of arts, music and adventure sports. He enjoys spending hours on the rustic roads of Madurai focussing his lens on simple but exemplary visual marvels.

The young photographer has carved out a niche for himself by capturing rare and telling moments of rural life, human-animal coexistence and pains of poverty. Having realised that a photographer and his innate environment are inseparable, Guna Amuthan prefers to remain in Madurai and continue his penchant for documenting traditional and cultural lifestyle of the local people, particularly adventure sports and rituals.

Guna Amuthan’s creative work has made an indelible impression in the world of photography. His work showcases the richness of nature and values of people in his very own neighborhood.

Here come glimpses of his creativity…!!!


Sergey Kudryavtsev – Exhibitor Sep 2016

Sergey is a photographer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Now living in London.
He loves to travel, meet new people and can’t live without making awesome things. Check out more of his work on instagram skudryavtsev13 and https://500px.com/serkudry

DSquaredPhotography (Darren Green & Denise Dawkins) – Exhibitor Sep 2016

About DSquared Photography

A Photographic Journey of Exploration and Discovery in the Namibian Desert. by DSquaredPhotography

Our images reflect the diverse, otherworldly and paradoxical nature of Namibia. We have drawn inspiration from the landscapes of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Hoanib in the Skeleton Coast National Park and along the Skeleton Coast.

About Us
Denise Dawkins & Darren Green have combined their love of photography and travel to develop DSquaredPhotography. Denise is passionate about nature, new experiences, people and places and has been a keen photographer since the age of 9. Darren loves to capture life’s special occasions and to document, through travel, the wonder and beauty of the natural world.

For info, sales enquiries and commissions, please contact Darren (07463 735 328) or Denise (07941 472 683) or by email at: dsquaredphotography12@yahoo.co.uk.