Sabba Choudry – Exhibitor Sep 2016


About Sabba:

My photography journey began in December 2010 Following the purchase of my first camera to capture a special family holiday in the Far East.

By day I am a HR Project Professional and over the years I’ve found photography to be a wonderful escape from the hecticness of everyday life.

I love that photography allows me complete freedom compared with other aspects of life where we are bound to conformism. I feel photography sets me free to go off with my camera and capture anything I wish from night lights to seasonal changes to landscapes. The only limitations are the ones I set for myself.

Through the lens I’ve became so much more aware of the beauty in the world around me, both God given through nature and man made through city sights. Despite the many troubles in this world, I believe if we stop to look around we will see an incredibly beautiful world.

I have an extensive portfolio of various photography subjects but for this show I’ve chosen to exhibit my city night lights images. The glowing bright lights provide cities with a new awakening that cannot be noticed during the day. These bright lights of city sights represent beauty, stillness and calm after the day has passed. Capturing night lights is challenge indeed but I welcome it gladly as causes me to completely focus and that in turn provides me with much needed escapism right in the middle of busy city life.

All prints are for sale at special offer for this show at £55, please use the contact details below to purchase:

t: 07855599949

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