Get Your Photo In An Exhibition This October

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have your photo on the wall of a gallery?

You’re not the only one.

Many of us dream of seeing our print in an exhibition, with a stream of people looking at it admiringly.

The truth is, unless you have a body of work to warrant your own exhibition, or a portfolio you feel is strong enough to take part in an exhibition like the London Photo Show, getting photos on the wall of a gallery may feel beyond reach.

Until now.

We decided it should not be hard.

We decided to make it easier to experience the buzz of seeing your work in an exhibition.


As part of the 2019 London Photo Show, we will dedicate a space to a collaborative project called ‘Portrait of London’.

This exhibit could feature a photo taken by….


The Portrait Of London exhibit aims to be a snapshot of life in London during September 2019, and will be shown at the London Photo Show at the Bargehouse Gallery in October.

We want to show portraits of people who are part of London. The heroes, the unknown, the famous, the icons, the everyday people, the characters, plus everyone else.

How do you take part?

To be one of the photographers who gets their photo in the exhibition you need to be available to create your image during September 2019.

We want you to think about who you would photograph and why. We want to capture as much diversity as possible. People from all walks of life, in every area of London.

You will be sent a brief of what’s acceptable and what’s not, which will explain the types of photos we think will work.

it is free to take part.


For your chance to take part submit your contact details before 6 September.

After that date we will contact everyone who expressed an interest to ask for a little more information about the ideas they have for the project and to discuss logistics. We will arrange some informal, non-compulsory meet ups so people can exchange ideas and meet fellow particpants.

If you’re interested in taking part, please enter your details below.

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