Maximise The Value Of Your Print Sales

Join us for an exclusive online workshop hosted by Hahnemühle’s UK&I Managing Director and General Manager, Nancy Janes.


Discover the secrets to maximising the value of your prints by creating limited editions with Certificates of Authenticity.

In this interactive session, delve into the power of Certificates of Authenticity and how they can elevate the value of your artwork.

Learn how to leverage the prestige of Hahnemühle paper and its archival properties to command higher prices for your prints.

Gain valuable insights and strategies from an industry expert with years of experience in the business development.

You’ll receive practical tips to enhance the perceived value of your creations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your artwork. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey to greater success in the world of art sales.

Hahnemühle celebrated its 440 years anniversary this year and continues to curate papers for a variety of applications, including premium papers tailored for photography.

Nancy Janes is the Managing Director of Hahnemühle in the UK. She will give her insight into how photographers can maximise the value of their prints.

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Book your spot on this free online workshop led by Hahnemühle’s UK Managing Director, Nancy Janes, and discover how to maximise the value of your prints.

12 June, 7-8pm.

Particpants will be sent a link to the online meeting.

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