Alfonso Denton

I got into photography in July 2022 after taking an introductory class via a Virgin Experience day. I always thought I had an eye for a picture before I took the class, so after, I did my research on what camera was within my price range and have been taking shoots every week around London since. I love how photography can capture a moment of interest, an emotion or simply be visually engaging to the viewer and take them on a journey around the image that provokes thoughts and emotions specific to them and their reality.

My interests are street, portrait and something I like to call ‘fly-on-the-wall photography’, where I shadow an artist for example and capture the process of them working.

My work on display is a collection of shots that showcase a style that’s evolved for me over the last few months – heavy shadow in contrast with bright light and a subject/s that occupies space between the two, boosted by colour saturation.

IG: ald_lenses



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