Jan Beesley

I am a Sussex based photographer and mixed media artist, living between the Ashdown Forest, the South Downs and the coast. I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful area and am inspired by the ever-changing light on the landscape.
My aim is to create intuitive images which reflect my ongoing fascination with both the natural and built world and our emotional and physical connection with it.

My work leans towards the abstract, using the camera as a brush to move beyond the boundaries of conventional representation. I enjoy the freedom of using different camera technique such as Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple exposure to reveal images which the eye cannot see.

I use various media in my work, often hand finishing pieces with gold and silver leaf.

To find out more about me please visit my website or Instagram

Web: janbeephotogaphy.com
Insta: @jan.beesley
Threads: @jan.beesley

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Alison Buchanan

Based in East Sussex I am a photographer who captures the everyday and the wonder of nature through photographic expressionism.  I have always been inspired by light and shadows to convey feelings and reactions to what surrounds me.  With a combination of different techniques, both in camera and in post processing, I produce images where the abstract emerges, challenging reality and asking for your interpretation.

I have recently been working on a project called The Vanishing Landscape, which I started when hundreds of acres of farmland around me was threatened with a new ‘neighbourhood’ of thousands of houses.   It is not only about losing the green fields but it is also about taking the time to really look at your surroundings and appreciate the beauty of the simple things in life.


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Ania Rolińska

Ania Rolińska is a fine art photographer of Polish origin currently living and working in Scotland.

She came to photography later in her life but embraced it fully as a creative and therapeutic practice. Ania combines photography with other media and elements of performance, and likes using creative processing techniques as well as alternative processes to turn digital images into tangible and unique artefacts.

At the London Photo Show 2024, she presents a series of introspective self-portraits from experimental movement sessions on beaches of the Outer Hebrides. Through these, she explores feminine empowerment, embodiment, and deep self awakening among other things. All the images are printed by hand using a photogravure printing process.

Her Instagram account is: https://www.instagram.com/anzbau/

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Susi Petherick

Having loved photography since teenage years, I have always been interested in learning and experimenting with cameras, first of all film and now digital. My first love was black and white and the dark room. Digital photography opened up all sorts of new options including the world of colour. From workshops to videos to time with more skilled photographers, mentors, photo friends, workshops, youtube videos and hours and hours out and about with my camera I’ve been hungry to learn.  Ending full time work some six years ago has meant that I finally have lots of time to give to taking photos, processing, printing, bookmaking and exhibiting. 

I’m at my happiest at the coast especially in Scotland and love the beauty of the often rugged landscape there. As a city liver for many years though, the world of abstract photography, intentional camera movement and multiple exposures has opened up all sorts of new opportunities and ways to express my creativity. I love the element of the unexpected that comes with this kind of photography that blurs the line often between photography and painting. 

The images I will be showing at the Bargehouse this year will be creative images that will maybe leave people wondering whether it is indeed a photograph they are looking at.




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Bogdan Schiteanu

Photography is a passion that i nurtured since i was a kid and i was in awe at my father’s photography hobby and capturing any moments of our holidays and trips. I cannot say i have a particular style or follow set themes; i am more of a “lets see if this angle works” or “how about that details and viewpoint?”. If i see something interesting, i stop and take a photo – either with my Nikon or with the IPhone. I am a member of Dorking Camera Club and love to share my photos with my local community here in Dorking, Surrey, a step i took since Lockdown, when a lot of people couldnt get out and i was making the most of the allowed 1 hours outdoor exercise window to bring memories and views of our stunning little area of paradise to the rest of the community.


Instagram: bogdan_schiteanu


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