Claire Brooks

Forced to change photographic direction, and living in flat, landlocked Oxfordshire, I sought to highlight the beauty that can be found within a small, polluted river that runs close to my home. Understanding my need for the cognitive and emotional benefits of time spent near water, I plotted the course of Oxfordshire’s rivers from source to the Thames, and began walking the banks of the River Evenlode.

Led by ear to the sections where the water flows over or around, causing the surface to sing with a babble or a ripple, I have captured the interplay between light, shadow, and motion.

“Evenlode | the Sounds of Waters” is a collection of images portraying a river that is strangled, polluted and lifeless. To me it can seen as alive and breathing, rising and falling, flowing gently then fast as it travels from Moreton-in Marsh to the Thames near Cassington.

Instagram: @clairebrooksphotography


Twitter: @cebrooks

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