David Neve

I unexpectedly got absorbed into photography from the College years when I used to create video diaries of my time volunteering and helping out at my local nature reserve in 2001 which used to be every Wednesday for a year. It was during 2002 / 2003 year of my agricultural studies at Riseholme College, Lincoln’s work experience time when the photography started to take a hold of me. I ended up taking more pictures than video and decided to study the photography world in 2003. I started to go on my own business of photography in 2005, which I also photograph Equestrian Events and Weddings to this day. From the start though one of my big admirations is landscapes and travel. Since then I had been selected at over 20 world exhibitions and featured in publications internationally.

About My Work

I’ve always been fascinated by how nature have created the various landscapes that are always eluding me with their shape, contours and tonal range. Coming from a rural background, I am used to the large wide spaces of the countryside and rural views and the way it has formed and sculptured. During my life, I started to see a resemblance with various shapes and patterns which then tells me its life and personality of the area more deeper and differently. I aim to use the shapes and colours alongside the tones to help piece together its form and mood for which it is trying to tell us more using photography techniques and manipulating time with how I view the scene. In the process, I feel more connected as one with its energy and vibrancy that the area emits and communicates to us the viewer through our visual senses and imagination. Also, it has helped me to rediscover myself and represents the ups and downs of my own life. The solitary times and the colourful times of my autistic views and interpretations of how I go about in life.

I aim to try and help bring calm and freshness to the viewer through this small series of my creations and to give the confidence of finding their own view and escapism from the stress of modern day life.

These works are from my recent projects that I had been working on in Belgium, Spain and Kent. I am currently working on a project locally in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

You can also find me on on my YouTube Channel David Neve Photography where I will soon be publishing insights to my work.


Instagram: @David__Neve

Facebook: David Neve Artist

Twitter: David_Neve

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