Denise Dawkins

“Grounded Pt.1” is a collection of photographs taken from my 1st floor window during Lockdown 2020.

These photographs represent a 40 year love affair with photography, life, form, function and being at one with nature and my surroundings.

Staying at home has enhanced my capacity to be still, to observe, to connect, to listen and be present. I get absorbed in and by the colours, the feelings, the shapes, sizes, light, patterns and silhouettes that are beautifully, often momentarily, revealed but are often unseen, overlooked or disregarded by others.

These images are a tiny reflection of what kept me grounded physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. They also enabled me to ground, support and soothe others morning, noon and night, on repeat. And for that I’m truly honoured, blessed and grateful.

“Grounded in Silence” an extract written by Denise Dawkins to accompany her exhibition images.

No boats. No traffic (air or otherwise). No commercial enterprises. No mechanical sounds. No waves. No movement. Just silence. A deep, thick, loud, impenetrable silence. A needing to adjust, then readjust to the silence, silence.

The River Thames so calm, so still, tranquil and glass-like. I watch, wonder and ponder more than any other time in the 25 years before. I revel in the stillness and am keen to explore it’s tides, what it hides, it’s above, below and besides.

A dream-like juxtaposition where the airwaves, Political, technological super highways transmit 24 hour tidal waves of mass hysteria, suspicion, isolation, fear and woe. No place or space to acclimatise, hide or let go.


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