Denise Quinlan

Denise Quinlan, founder of London-based Insightful Images, is a business development specialist and commercial photographer. Denise focuses on positioning individuals and businesses to connect them to the audiences they target, with a visually-led approach.

Due to the cultural bias towards the written word, Denise believes that the majority of businesses lose customers simply because they don’t realise the potency of images, especially in our content-overloaded world, to tell a brilliant story of who they are, how they are different, to connect them with great clients.

Many default to using ‘fake’ stock photos while being seduced by ‘exciting’ new AI (Artificial Intelligence) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) technology, when images do so much to powerfully engage and connect with target prospects. And yes, it does go beyond the humble, but important, head shot.

To find out more, join Denise’s FREE lunchtime workshop “How to cut through the noise and get more sales” on the 3rd floor of the Bargehouse gallery on Thursday, 17 October. Details and registration here – Limited places!

Presenting at the London Photo Show for a second year, Denise is exhibiting her ’30 Ladies’ Pelviva project, a recent commercial commission by Femeda Ltd, a medical device company.

Challenging many taboos, the crux of the commission is to feature real women, not stock images nor ‘perfect’ professional models, who are the target age and demographic for the Pelviva product. A staggering one in three women suffer from the impact of a weak pelvic floor. Pelviva is a pelvic floor retraining device.

Denise would like to thank Femeda Ltd for their sponsorship of ’30 Ladies’ at the London Photo Show.

Denise Quinlan
Insightful Images

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