Gianluca Mortarotti

Gianluca Mortarotti is an Italian self-taught photographer based in London, UK.

The roots of his interest in photography lie in his father’s work. Developing films in the darkroom at a very young age and wedding photography work with him introduced Gianluca to the world of photography.

After his architecture and building engineering studies, the photographer started focusing on life in cities by capturing candid moments, exploring urban contrasts, and the oddity of human connections.

With his work, he attempts to speak through images about contemporary social issues and comment on social reality without turning down the intriguing presentation of street scenes or the impressive appearance of images.

His persona behind the camera brings out his life philosophy of looking for the exceptional in the ordinary and trying to make it visible through a fresh and unexpected approach, consistent and attractive aesthetic, and a narrative and metaphorical meaning of the images.

In 2021 his work was selected among the winning images of the Life Framer competition (World Travelers category).

He also self-published his first book “LSD – Lockdown Street Diary” in 2021, a collection of street photographs that showcases fragments of life before, during, and after the lockdown in London capturing the complexities of everyday life in this unprecedented time.

Instagram: @inframeswetrust

Twitter: inframeswetrust

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