Guann-Yeu Chin

Guann-Yeu Chin is a people photographer first and foremost, but latex photography has allowed her to spread her creative wings and combine a love of people with a love of the shiny stuff and the technical challenges it presents.

In 2018 Guann-Yeu gained her Associateship in the Society of International Fashion and Glamour Photographers (SIFGP), part of The Societies – the largest photographic qualifications body in the UK – with a panel of latex images, and she is (hopefully!) working towards her Fellowship.

Latex has made a leap from the dungeon into the mainstream, and is regularly seen on catwalks, red carpets, film and in music videos. While it is gaining popularity as a photographic subject, it needs proper treatment (preparation and lighting) to deliver the impact it is capable of. Aficionados can quickly tell the difference between latex, PVC and other shiny materials, so it is critical that latex looks like latex.

Shooting the Shiny is dedicated to delivering beautiful latex photography for the discerning designer, collector and kinkster. These images showcase just some of the work Guann-Yeu has undertaken in the latex world and she hopes that you enjoy viewing them as much as she enjoyed creating them.

For more information, please visit or @shootingtheshiny on Instagram.

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