Jose Esteve

Jose Esteve is a London based photographer who focuses on people as the main subject of work. Since moving to this wonderful city 10 years ago, Jose has found in portraiture the means for connecting, observing, and exploring the human condition of the people he works with, as much as his own. Jose is fascinated by this act of exchange, and how photography allows capturing partial, biased, yet meaningful reflections of these moments, which may be further reinterpreted by the viewer.
In his approach to creating images, the process feels just as important as the final result. Jose has come to find my voice primarily among old and temperamental medium and large-format film cameras; their slower and almost meditative pace plays a deliberate role in his creativity, and they require him to work hard and be more mindful.

Jose finds joy in producing hand-made prints in the darkroom or using Alternative Processes; these are objects that exist and have a permanence outside of a screen, which are unique by nature and can be taken in slowly and ultimately connect him deeper with Photography as a craft.

More information is available at, Instagram @joseestevephoto or email

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