Jovis Howieson

In this exhibition, Jovis presents her debut photography series “Ardour”.

Ardour is a collection of the passion Jovis feels about street portrait photography, an extension of street photography and shows how she interprets the personalities and characters of the people of London within a series of images. Here, she expresses the idea of her own personality conveyed through each image by capturing a moment that is representative of each character.

Jovis is a photographer from Singapore based in London. Her work includes Commercial, Fashion & Beauty, Travel, Portraits, Documentary and Street. Her work has been published in The Photography News and various street photography magazines.

Jovis has been interested photography ever since she was a little girl but never really had the opportunity to get into photography until about three years ago.

Jovis has always said that she has been most fortunate in meeting and learning from the best photographers all over the world who have inspired her greatly throughout her journey. They continue to support, encourage and mentor her till today.

Her interests in photography includes founding collaborative and inclusive photography spaces such as a group of International Street Photographers and a Women Street Photography Collective where she runs photography projects showcasing amateur and professional artist’s work. She is currently building an online photography platform focusing on emerging talent and diversity.

Jovis is a big advocate of supporting photographers with their learning and development through a network of resources to help them gain experience, confidence, skills, techniques and knowledge. She believes in encouraging photographers to showcase and publish their work.

If Jovis is not travelling and working on photography shoots, you can usually find her on the weekends in the West End where she spends her time working on her street, documentary and street portrait photography projects.

Jovis always has time to speak about photography so do get in touch with her!




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