Justyna Mikina

Any photographic subject whether it be people, graffiti, architecture, abandoned buildings, vandalised vehicles, or Mother Nature herself is the ‘art’, intended or otherwise, of someone or something else before it becomes the photographer’s own.

Specialising exclusively in the medium of BLACK & WHITE and INFRARED, Justyna of monoimàge.photography sees, respects and appreciates this ‘art of others’ in everything she captures, everywhere she travels, regardless of how large or small a subject is.

Despite only being a photographer since 2018, Justyna has completed commissions for published authors, established musicians and various businesses looking for something unique and original for their space. Her work is now being exhibited in various locations around London.

Her camera has become an extension of her, and it goes wherever she goes.

WEBSITE: www.monoimage.photography/

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/monoimage.photography/

FB: www.facebook.com/monoimage.photography/

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