London Photo Show Competition Winner 2017

After much deliberation and discussion, we are pleased to announce that the London Photo Show Competition Winner 2017 is Antony Wakefield for his atmospheric portrait. Antony’s image was one of 6 finalists chosen and displayed as large prints at 5th Base gallery alongside all of the other competition entrants At the Exhibition Private View on 21 Nov 2017, Antony was presented with the award of ‘Best Photographer’ for his photo called ‘Defiance’. His atmospheric portrait is perfectly lit and composed. It details the man’s features and character, with an intense focus on his eyes. Of his winning image, Antony said: “I shot this photo in the Covent Garden area. I saw this guy walking towards me and I wasn’t sure about asking him if he would allow me to take his picture, but I asked anyway and to my surprise, he said yes. “We walked into an alley with buildings both sides. I placed him in the middle of the shot and just asked him to look straight into the lens. In fact, he is looking slightly over my shoulder. He had an air of defiance, hence the title of the photo. I asked his name and he told me it was Pepe. I shot about five frames, focusing on his eyes. The whole thing took about two minutes to do. I enjoy photographing people and I have a preference for black and white portraits. This photo was converted to black and white in Adobe Lightroom.” For the photo Anthony used a Fuji X-E2s camera, with a XF35mm1.4R lens. 1000s, F1.4, ISO 200. Congratulations Anthony! 

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