Louis Harvey

I am a 71-year-old photographer who has been taking pictures for over 60 years, starting with Kodak ‘Brownies’ in the 1950s. I progressed through various 35mm cameras (including my beloved Olympus OM1N), to digital photography.

In the last 17 years I have become a committed user of Nikon DSLR kit and lenses. I am a member of the RPS and the Nikon Owners Club. Recently I have gone back to film photography using both my 35mm Olympus and a medium format Yashica Mat-124G.

Photography allows me to discover, explore, create and record images that will excite and please both myself and the viewer, including street, landscape and abstract. It is one of the most accessible mediums through which we can express our creative instincts.

I hope the viewer will pause and enjoy.


Instagram: louismfharvey


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  1. What an inspired set of photographs. The photography captures the scenes and in my mind creates a story ending with the rose, being one of the most complex structures but represents pure and simple beauty.

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