Miriam Ferrarin

I am an Italian-born traveller who has been passionate about photography for many years. In 2018 I decided to quit my finance job and bought a one-way ticket to South East Asia. I travelled alone which meant I organised everything myself, often with a low budget as I alternated work and travel. That trip lasted a year in which I visited 13 different countries. I began my adventure in Myanmar, a state that I explored a second time a few months later.

The second time I decided to focus myself on something even more exciting, discovering some of the 135 different tribes that Myanmar offered like long neck women, Ann tribe, Akhu, women with face tattoos etc. They live in the most remote areas of the country; they are poor and they speak a local dialect very different from Burmese. My way of communicating was not verbal but with hand gestures, facial expressions, body movement and posture. It was a bit of fun. This was one of the wonderful experience in my life.

I leave you some faces and especially some smiles of the tribes I visited, when even with little things you can be happy!



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