Nicola Bolton

Nicola Bolton is a visual artist and photographer. Her style is genre fluid, moving between traditional photography and expressionist artwork, where the camera is her medium. Her approach to art is experimental. She blends colours and shifts form to produce new life. These altered realities are energetic representations of time and place, real and imagine, capturing the essence of “the moment”.

At London Photo Show, Nicola is showing her Kaleidoscope series, inspired by the geometric form of coloured tiles and windows in Morocco and created from the same base image. She loved – and still has – her childhood kaleidoscope, fascinated by the beautiful forms and views made as light reflects off simple objects sandwiched between glass – a mini form of stained glass, which she also loves. Her work is for sale.

Nicola’s photography has won 55 international awards and been exhibited in 38 countries on six countries. She holds the Excellence award from the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and an Associateship from The Royal Photographic Society.

Instagram: nicolaboltonphotography


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