Rizza Bomfim

In the process of seeking self knowledge, Rizza has realized she could deepen awareness through the act of photographing. The attributes of stillness, absolute silence and meditation, have become essential for the creation of her imagery, which aims to eternalize the experimental nature of her working process as she interacts with a plural entity.

Many consider photography as the depiction of what is visible to the eye. For Rizza, however, it is the reverse, she conveys to the world images and sensations which are part of her own self.The transposition of an idea, the raw material of inner thoughts, is a journey through unchartered territory, amidst changeable winds. The experimental nature of this operation will materially determine the visual translation of that idea.

Through the camera lens, Rizza has captured the inexhaustible variety of life – she deploys layers, texture, shades, materials, skin, sound, and colors, turning all these features into a unique totality. Man ceses to be human, fabric dematerializes; there is no boundary between subject and object.The idea is to dissolve image recognizability so as to form a new narrative. And, only then, the emerging abstract layers of photography will gain autonomy and draw the within and the without to simultaneous existence.

Despite being awash in the imagery of “special effects”, there is no digital manipulation, and the resulting effect is reached by sheer experimentation with materials and lights. Rizza ´s free and creative experimenting arouses curiosity, generating unexpected images which, often times, do not reveal the way in which they have been conceived

Her intuitive forms of representation tap directly into the viewer`s emotions and provoke reflection. And, led by spontaneous fruition of those images, the viewer is able to fully appreciate the elements of he visual language.

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