Ross McGree

Ross McGree became hooked on photography at the age of 13 when he was introduced to the chemical process of developing a B&W image, that took him into the professional field of both photography and film making.

Over the years Ross has worked his way through every aspect of photography and video production, from B&W and colour film processing, hand and machine printing to studio, still life and advertising.

In his 20’s Rossmann took a BA degree in photography specialising in audio visual production, a technology in its infancy at the time where multiple slide and film projectors were used to create ultra-wide panoramic projection akin to a movie but created using hundreds of still images mixed with film projection, lighting, surround sound and other special effects.

Nowadays, Ross spends much of his time working in the digital media field, whilst photography still plays a small but important part in his arsenal of skills within the imaging industry.

Instagram: @rossmannmcgree


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