Sue Newman

I’ve been taking photographs for most of my life! I am a passionate lover of life in all its many forms and when I look through the lens and connect with a subject I am connecting to life in all its random glory and infinite beauty.
The specific photos I have chosen to showcase represent the ‘Moments of Connection” I have felt most deeply. Moments that quietly take your breath away. Each of these images made me stand still in wonder and my hope is that you will pause with a sense of that moment of connection.

Vero @suenewmanphotography

Instagram: @amillionsues

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  1. Hi Sue, this is Ingrid (Veb’s friend, Something Beautiful, we met a long long time ago at your home in godalming). I’d love to come to the exhibition and bring Daisy and Belle (molly’s off at uni). Is it Oct 13-16?

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