Sue Windsor

My name is Sue Windsor. I’m a Detective in the Metropolitan Police.

I have always been creative and enjoy many art forms. My job means I have seen lots of the less pleasant side of London. Taking photos gives me an opportunity to capture the many other aspects of ‘Life in London’.

My dad, Harry was a Londoner. After he retired he spent many hours exploring the City, always making sure he took regular pub breaks ! My photos in this exhibition are inspired by his love of London.

I decided to just grab my camera and walk around the streets to see what I came across. My aim was to take candid, natural shots. I was not disappointed with what I saw and took images I found both personally compelling and that I felt told part of a story.

The most poignant photo, ‘In The Line Of Duty’ is of Sergeant Matt Ratana’s memorial bench at Windmill Road Custody Centre, Croydon. I spent the majority of my service working from there and know he is greatly missed by everyone.

‘The Body Beautiful’ always makes me smile and ‘En Pointe’ reminds me that shoving my camera through railings to grab an opportunity can be priceless.

Of course I had to include a photo of my lovely dad. He passed away in 2020 three months short of his 100th birthday.


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  1. Having seen the 16 images due to go on display I can say how varied, cosmopolitan, bohemian, rustic, relevant and diverse they are. Very…. London. We’ll done my love.

  2. Powerful yet warming. Love the depth in your shots Sue. Looking forward to seeing your work.

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