Tiffany Kenyon

The images in this series represent a larger body of work that explores the depth and majesty of the glaciers of southern Argentina, and aims to preserve and share an intimate portrait of mother nature in one of her most fragile environments.

From a distance a glacier can be vast and mesmerising, but the icy blue interior is another experience entirely. The sculptural landscape hides an unexpected world of caverns and crevices, tunnels and sheer walls of ice. Pale star blues slide into ceruleans and sapphires, eventually disappearing into midnight blue abysses that awaken a primal vulnerability.

About the artist.
Tiffany Kenyon was born in Sydney, Australia and studied design and photography at university before curiosity about human behavior lead her into the world of media and advertising as a brand strategist at leading creative agencies around the world.

Alongside her professional career in Sydney, London, Buenos Aires, Beijing and Bangkok she has maintained a practice of photographic exploration of the emotional experience of people and places. This ranges from documentary-style coverage of protests and demonstrations (particularly the courage and creativity of the demonstrators themselves), to capturing character in landscapes and cities that evoke an emotional experience in the viewer and bring energy to the rooms in which they hang.

More images from this series can be viewed at and on Instagram @_tiffanykenyon


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