Abhilasha Dhamija

Abhilasha Dhamija is an artist. One of the clearest and fondest memory that Abhilasha holds from her childhood is all about spending hours and hours scribbling in sketchbooks, fillingout colours in drawing books and doing lots of origami! Its one of the dearest things for her to do when she wants to relax and be stress free.

Lately, Abhilasha has developed a keen interest in photography which has helped her to celebrate her love for the art in a digital form.

With photography,  Abhilasha gets that freedom to portray her own fantasy world on a glossy paper. Everyone has a type, as they say, some are better at wildlife photography, some at portrait shots, etc. and although she hasn’t discovered her genre as of now, Abhilasha particularly enjoys clicking nature and macro-photography.

By profession, currently Abhilasha works as a Customer Success Manager in an IT firm, making sure she keeps her clients happy but when she is done for the day, she usually has a lot of things to catch-up on and photography tops that list. Lets just say, even if Abhilasha takes a stroll down the road, she is sure to find something worth a click.

This is Abhilasha’s very first time having any images put to a gallery and is sure that the London Photo Show is a great platform to start off with. Her photo collection is all about celebrating nature and its vivid forms co-existing as humans, animals, birds and other countless species. We share the same space in this world, have built our own ecosystems but are hugely dependent on one another. Abhilasha has tried to capture such living souls in varied forms and sizes.

Abhilasha is really excited about exhibiting her work at the Bargehouse Gallery (she is already in love with its location) and she is sure it would be a good experience.

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