Arkadiusz Kasperczyk

Arkadiusz Kasperczyk is a London-based passionate photographer, with strong interests in street and social documentary photography, as well as artivism. Arkadiusz’s aim as a photographer is to serve the truth, to share the love and to inspire those who have the power to help others to do so. Through Arkadiusz’s photographs he would like to challenge people’s perceptions, embrace the natural beauty and raise the awareness on social issues. He always try to depict people with dignity and grace they all deserve while focusing his work on everyday life situations and humanistic concerns.

Arkadiusz was born in Oswiecim (Auschwitz), Poland in 1988 and he spent most of the first two decades of his life in that area. He wasn’t seriously interested in photography until 2016 when following some life-changing experiences Arkadiusz realised that photography can work like a mirror in which he could reflect his thoughts, his feelings, his fears and he decided to explore the reality of life and to fulfill his dreams.

“Life is an open invitation to explore and experience all the wonders and mysteries within it. To me, Photography is much about learning through the observation and the streets themselves are like a portal, leading me to discovery of different perceptions of reality. Through the photography I’ve opened the door to a whole new world and this has an impact on the way I think, feel and see, on my ‘photographic skills’. ”



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