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Images by Arnie Göbel LRPS

I am a photography based image creator from Woodford Bridge, a member of the Royal Photographic Society and also a member of the Woodford and Wanstead Photographic Society.

I love modern architecture. The way new buildings are designed, using high tech materials and formed into aesthetically pleasing shapes, never ceases to fascinate me. For this body of work, I have focussed on the details of the many glass and polished stainless steel clad facades, seeking out the abstract, playing with colour and light. Entirely shot in and around central London, I have created a set of images, some caused by reflections, giving a distorted view on reality, as it quite often is in large cities. Others are interesting patterns found in the facades of the buildings. In some cases, the viewer is given just a glimpse of recognition of a well-known landmark.

This is just a small selection from a much larger and ever expanding portfolio. Please see my website for a more comprehensive selection.

All images are for sale, size as exhibited, come window mounted with backing board and will be issued as a limited edition of 25 and will be numbered, dated, and signed, plus a certificate of authenticity. Cost is £80 per image, but for the first 10 images sold, a 50% discount shall be applied.

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Arnie Göbel LRPS

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