Carolina Murias

I’m an amateur photographer from Argentina who has been living in London for the past 11 years.
I discovered street photography thanks to my broad curiosity towards the “extraordinary of ordinary life”.
I could spend hours sitting on a bench watching life unfolding around me in some sort of hypnotic and mindful observation.
It was one day while observing a very simple but touching scene of a bunch of construction workers resting at the back of a lorry, probably returning from a long day at work, that I decided I wanted to photograph those flitting moments.
So I borrowed my sister’s Pentax T30 and embarked myself on a journey of discovery and exploration.
For the past 11 years London has been my playground and the place where I can disappear in the crowd. I believe that the images I photograph are a mix of what I see with my eyes and all that extra information that we unconsciously grasp but not necessarily consciously observe at that particular moment. The resulting composition is reality and photography helps me to understand it.

Instagram: @bailar_al_sol


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