Jan Beesley

I am a Sussex based photographer, living between the Ashdown Forest, the South Downs and the coast. My aim is to create intuitive images which reflect my ongoing fascination with both the natural and built world and our emotional and physical connection with it.

Time is unseen, but its rhythms are felt and seen through the changes within and around us. I am fascinated by the idea that time is non-linear, our present moments always influenced by past shadows and future possibilities.

My work leans towards the abstract, using the camera as a brush to move beyond the boundaries of conventional representation. As form dissolves into abstraction the photograph represents not only my own intent but can also become a mirror reflecting the viewers own emotions, experiences, and memories.

Although most of my work is inspired by the natural world, the images shown in this exhibition are from an urban environment: Walls and billboards often hold many layers of posters, stickers and graffiti. Over time these become new and ever-changing artworks of abstract patterns shapes and textures. Separated from their original context, words and images left behind can speak to us in a different way to the original intent – creating new and sometimes poignant meanings.


Instagram: @jan.beesley


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