Charles Woollam and Andrew Waller – Auto Classics

What can you do with decades of photographs from motoring events? In the case of Charles Woollam and Andrew Waller, they have created to display their best photographs and become a platform for discussions about all things auto.

The two photographers met through their work in the property industry and took ages to discover that they both treasured their Nikon cameras and had visited the same motoring events for years. Their styles are nowadays different enough to question whether they were actually at the same event. Charles has a passion for the style of the 1950’s and is lucky enough to be a regular photographer chronicling the work of one of the great restorers of Jaguar sportscars. Andrew finds time out from sports photography to photograph more modern cars and is often asked to shoot portfolios of classic cars for collectors.

The Autoclassics website is simply divided into galleries covering Events, Races, People and Details – a sample of 20 photographs of each subject are regularly updated and the website’s blog provides links to new events and collections.

The first blog on the site features an interview with Charles and Andrew telling their background photography and motoring stories. A&C | (

This is our first exhibition and is a great chance to get some friends together to discuss some of our photographs displayed amongst a range of other great photography. 

We’ve previously entered the London Photo Show competitions with some success – but not yet won! It’s great to see your work displayed and see the range of other subjects and photographic styles.

Instagram: @awi_autoclassics

Instagram: @charles_woollam



Nissan Silvia S15 (2001) in the Driftkhana event at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021 on 08 July 2021. Photo by Andrew Waller.

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