David and Judy Hicks

Judy Hicks took up photography as a serious hobby in 2000, when she and David had the good fortune to spend a period of time overseas.

While she continues to enjoy travel, documentary and street/urban photography, Judy has recently branched out into a more contemporary style. She loves colour as you can see from these images, one of which represents her urban photography, the others were taken on a trip to Rotterdam last year.

David transferred from a brownie box camera to 35mm Kodachrome slides at University and has been intermittently taking photographs ever since. Since acquiring his first digital camera just under a decade ago, photography has become a serious leisure activity and he now both plans and seeks out opportunities to capture creative images.

David’s Kodachrome roots mean that he does minimal post production and aims for the image taken to be the final image used. He takes predominantly documentary photographs which typically fall into the categories of: street / urban; travel; and “architectural shapes” as represented here.

For more information, please contact:

Email: davidhicksuk@aol.com

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