Denise Quinlan

Words add the facts. Images connect you.

I’m on a mission to erase the grey in business photography.

By understanding more about the person I’m photographing, their work and who they want to communicate with, I create images that show them as they truly are, helping them and their business stand out from an overwhelming ocean of blandness.  

I was first struck by the boring representation of business years ago while studying on an exchange programme at Canada’s Ottawa University. Among the vibrantly colour-coded thumb-tab pages of the college prospectus, the business section was represented by a drab grey tone.

Fast forward to my life in the arts, and I’m sometimes shocked by the disdainful snobbery for anything commercial.

I’m fascinated by this bias, and I hope in my own small way to challenge this type-casting using the most powerful of all the senses – our sight.

In the era of accessible technology, it’s easy to get distracted by hashtags and @ symbols, forgetting that people actually connect with people.

Whether meeting someone for the first time in person or online, the brain runs through a first impression assessment, working out whether to invoke the flight or fight response. A poorly executed profile photo – or none at all – is unwittingly counterproductive.

That’s why I founded Insightful Images in 2015 – to create powerful portraits for people in business. Magically*, they attract the audiences they’re seeking.

*For full disclosure, the ‘magic’ involves the following: curiosity, commercial savvy, self-awareness and mental-health – it’s taken a while 😉 – emotional intelligence, women in business, neuro-science and finding a way to meld the right combination of ingredients together.

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