Dusty Dhillon

I’ve had a camera since around 1984 (not the same one).

It was around then I took my first lightning photos where I live, Gravesend, Kent. UK

I’ve always been fascinated by storms, weather, clouds and light and photographed some, but it wasn’t till around 10 or 11 years ago I decided photography was actually what I wanted to do.

I’ve chased storms in the U.S so have seen around 40 tornadoes and was shortlisted a couple of years ago for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year for one of my Aurora shots. I’ve also got a photo in the Royal Meteorological Society’s weather photography book (Release 2021) that will celebrate its 170th anniversary, containing 170 photographs over the years.

Photography became my freedom, It became my escape from pain. Having two rare spine diseases it was my medicine, I feel alive regardless of the weather or locations I find myself in, Having a camera in my hand and watching light change is such a magical experience.

Instagram: @dustylensuk
Enquiries: dustylens@me.com
chromaluxe printing by www.mjcp.co.uk



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