Exhibitor Stories: Guillaume Descamps

Photographers for all over the world take part in the London Photo Show. In 2019, Paris based photography Guillaume Descamps exhibited at the Bargehouse and he’ll return in 2020.

We found out a little bit about Guillaume and his photography.

1. Tell is a little bit about yourself
I am a Paris based amateur Photographer, working in fashion retail supply chain
for a living. Photography is a long term hobby a hobby up to now, my interest and involvement with it is always growing.

Guillaume Descamps

2. What first got you interested in photography?
I got into photography when I moved to London in 2011 and wanted to share
with my new life my family by showing them decent pictures. From then I learn by
myself how to use a DLSR camera, either from other photographers or online.

3. Tell us a little bit about the subjects you love to take photos of?
When I first got a camera in my hands I started to take all kind of
pictures but soon developed a special interest for night long exposure
pictures. I really enjoy playing with lights and movement, When I click on
my camera, the waiting time to get the actual picture on the screen is so

4. Why did you choose to enter the London Photo Show?
It all started with an exhibition at the 5th base gallery in London, I
can’t recall how I heard of it but since then I believe I receive every now
and then a notification of new events, and when I was told about the 2019
LPS I decided it was the right opportunity at the right moment to start
exhibiting properly my work.

Guillaume Descamps

5. What was your experience of the show, how did it make you feel?
It has been a special moment for me to take part of the 2019 LPS as I
myself spent a few years in London but now back to Paris, I took this
exhibition as an opportunity to show all my friends in London what I am
doing in term of photography, since they probably heard a lot about without
seeing much of it.

6. How did being part of the LPS connect you closer with other
photographers and how did it connect you with the people who saw your
photos in the exhibition?
It was a great opportunity to exchange with other photographers on their
works and get their reviews on mine. Now really looking forward the next
LPS to meet even more people.

Website: https://gllmdphotography.com/
Instagram: @gllmd_photography
Facebook: @GllmD.Photography

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