Guillaume Descamps

Guillaume Descamps is an amateur photographer from France.

Guillaume discovered photography during the few years he spent in London, first in order to share his day to day routine with friends and family back home and then discovering with the time all the possibilities a camera can offer he spent more and more of his spare time playing with the world around him through my camera lens.

Guillaume enjoys playing with architecture and reflection but he soon developed a keen interest in night long exposure, the theme he chose for the 2019 London Photo Show.

Creating light trails picture fascinates him and he has so much fun creating something you can’t see with your own eyes. He loves the magic of it and the excitement of waiting for the result while the camera process the picture.

All of Guillaume’s pictures are available for sale, they are signed and numbered up to 30 prints.

For more information, please visit or @gllmd_photography on Instagram.

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