Katerina Poulea

Katerina Poule works and lives in Athens, Greece.

She has been a photographer since the age of 10… a long time ago…

Katerina started photo-shooting with film cameras, and she loves all the kind of lenses and bodies.

“Photography” is coming from the greek word FOS, means LIGHT and it is Katerina’s passion, how to control it in order to take the best shot.

She believes that every photo comes alive only if you print it…

So why does Katerina love photo exhibitions so much?

She like persons, she is working with children in a kindergarten, her eye attracted from black and white photos

Katerina is traveling a lot and she loves the blue of the sky and the sea, and if she had to choose her best color, it is yellow.

A good photo needs a good mind, because no one camera can shoot alone. And Katerina believes that her best photos is not captured yet.

She very exciting about this photo show on October.

For more information please email Katerina at POULEA@YAHOO.GR


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