John Bineham

A moment on a train, a chance meeting in a cafe , a touch of a hand by a lover, a stranger in the street, our most favourite place, these are on the face of it, and moments like these are one of many that happen every day. They are just simple moments that would be forgotten or not noticed and lost in the fabric of our every day lives and lost in time.

To capture these moments in a photograph have been my driving force with my vision of photographic art in using light , design and colour, I have spent many nights developing my technique and style in capturing these moments in life that are so fleeting that most of us never give it a second thought, this is the beauty of a photograph and capturing all that it entails .
A photograph can tell a thousand stories or just keep a moment forever with us.

My photographic art is a journey of self awareness and a discovery of all that is, LIFE.

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