Katerina Poulea and Nikos Kantikas

Katerina Poulea is a teacher, and the last 11 years an owner of a kindergarten in Athens. Katerina loves children and I admire their energy, simplicity and creativity they spread.
She bought her first analog camera 33 years ago, and since then Katerina has never stopped shooting and developing her favorite photos.
Last year Katerina took a diploma in photography Art,  from IEK Delta at Athens.
She loves travelling around the world and shoot photos especially from people that she meets during her trips.
Nikos Kantikas is a designer from Thebes, one of the most ancient cities of Greece, and he works with materials from his journeys near the sea. 
Wood, shells, corals, stones and every treasure the sea gives, Nikos collects them very carefully and creates art. For this exhibition he creates a unique frame with sand for every photo.
Together, Katerina and Nikos’s new project is titled “Statue dance” , it is a new proposal in the field of art combining photography with artistic interference.
Summer dreams invade “statue” lines and create this particular topic.
“Statue dance”
“Yesterday I dreamed bodies shining like lightning from my flash They stood and take shape with eternal silence in front of me. White stone bodies that want to touch my gaze.”
For more information please contact @nkp_photoart , http://www.kantikas.com, or poulea@yahoo.gr

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