Shabana Jiwaji

Shabana Jiwaji can’t remember a specific moment or time in her life when she started to love photography… she has always loved people-watching and find interaction between people hugely fascinating be they lovers, strangers, siblings or colleagues. Shabana found photography to be a medium with which she could make moments last forever and be a reminder to people in those moments, how they felt at that time.

Shabana’s style is unposed, natural, lifestyle photography. Her passion is to capture for families what they may not see for themselves, to document the everyday so the memories can be enjoyed forever.

Shabana is based in Hertfordshire and whilst she specialises in In-Home family photography, another of her passions lies with travel documentary. The idea of documenting the daily life of other cultures fills her with excitement. Walking the unknown streets watching the world go by and capturing it through the eyes of a stranger allows for a great insight into something new and real. Shabana thrives on finding the art in storytelling and capturing the joy of the everyday be it in the home or on the street.

The images she has displayed here are an excerpt from a recent family trip to Kenya. Taken through various stops along the South Coast, Shabana wanted to capture the diversity that small section of Kenya has to offer. The people, the landscape and the culture all formed a very small part of the Kenyan experience we were privy to.

If you have been to Kenya, Shabana hopes these images take you back there and if you haven’t been, she hopes they inspire you to go!

If you are interested in any of the imagery displayed or would like to see more (we also spent time in Masai Mara on safari which I have not displayed here), please do contact Shabana via email: or on her website She would love to hear from you if you have visited the exhibition and would love to share travel stories of your own adventures!


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