Liz Tarren

I am a Berkshire based photographer and digital artist, living near Windsor. My work leans towards the abstract, using the camera as a brush and digital manipulation to move beyond the boundaries of conventional representation. 

As part of a group project, I explored the symbolism around the theme Renewal. Renewal, as represented through cultural symbols, encapsulates the themes of growth, regeneration, transformation, and the cyclic nature of life. 

My work is intertwined with the unique collection of bird feathers that I have gathered locally over time. Feathers have long been symbolic across cultures, embodying various meanings and representing diverse beliefs, including regrowth and renewal.

Intricate, delicate, and rich with colour and texture I photograph each unique feather in macro detail and add to my digital palette. The macro shots revealing the hidden designs and hues that a feather conceals. 

Selecting from the palette of feathers I worked by digitally rotating and blending the individual images, creating spirals and swirling symmetries to create unique kaleidoscopic patterns. For this collection I have chosen four designs in colours that represent the four seasons and Renewal.

  • Spring (Bluetit)
  • Summer (Kingfisher)
  • Autumn (Chaffinch)
  • Winter (Magpie)

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