Samantha Chippington

As an amateur architecture photographer with an eye for the urban landscape, I am passionate about documenting the ever-evolving cityscapes and the intricate relationship between architecture and urban regeneration. With my pictures, I strive to capture the transformative power of architecture in reshaping our cities and the stories that they tell.

My journey into photography, which started with travel and wildlife, has more recently grown into a fascination with the built environment. I often explore the streets of London, marvelling at the blend of historical and contemporary structures that shape the city’s identity. I find beauty in the intricate details of skyscrapers, the symmetry of bridges and staircases, and the interplay of light and shadows within the cityscape. For me, the city is a living canvas, continually evolving with the passage of time. I enjoy the ingenious modern designs that breathe new life into neglected neighbourhoods. Every photograph I take is an interpretation of the city’s resilience and its ability to adapt and grow.

Living in London, I am able to capture pictures of iconic architecture and urban regeneration projects and I enjoy exploring the ever-changing landscapes. When I joined the ‘Renewal’ project group, I naturally gravitated to the regeneration in central London and the renewal I see on my walk to work. My focus, for now, are the cranes that tower over the skies around me. With time, I look forward to capturing the new shapes and styles that grow from such simple concrete seeds.

Instagram: samchippington_pictures

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