MarvW is a London-based photographic artist. Creating striking, highly crafted, large-scale artworks in complete, physical form, (as opposed to sole prints), his works can be best described as “Expressing Beauty in the Utilitarian’. Works feature strong architectural forms in high-use urban environments, portrayed largely devoid of people. This serves as a metaphor for the juxtaposition between our need for connectivity, against the rise of increased feelings of isolation, despite the advancements of digital communication, (and furthered by the recent pandemic). Combining his love of bold colour and high contrasts, MarvW seeks to invoke a primarily emotional response, rather than an intelligible one. This is fuelled by a fundamental desire to break down outdated beliefs of art being elitist, instead encouraging increased accessibility of art, to all.

After being well-received at the London Photo Show in 2019, MarvW is excited to again return this year, where he will be exhibiting a signature piece from his current portfolio.

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