Max Agace

I am a British photographer whose series work displays a visual journey into the outdoors; a glimpse into my imagination whilst in these places. These moments of quiet contemplation are where I find peace and get lost in my work and surroundings, my view changes, I get transfixed with an idea or a way of looking into something, a way of seeing something different. Coming from a Graphic Design background I often look for graphic compositions and bold shapes, which help me change perspectives. Documenting the natural world, I look to create images that people will ponder for a moment or two, whether in thought, feeling or curiosity. Spending extended periods of time surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, dark nights and harsh weather, I usually travel alone immersing myself in the surroundings by van or tent. Often choosing to document abstract perspectives, I read landscapes and visions based on their significance within my own emotion and emotions towards this planet.

Instagram: maxaphotography

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