Nadim El Bakri

Animals, nature, and camera Nikon D5100

Nadim is an amateur photographer who has grown up between a mix of cultures, linking Egypt, Italy and the United Kingdom.

He grew up with with a fascination of animals and nature, with a long term mission of protecting and preserving the earth. Spending most of his childhood and teenage years taking care of wild horses as part of an association.

Receiving his first camera at the age of 18, a Nikon D70, the passion to explore and photograph wildlife and nature grew even stronger.

Further taking a course in photography, in Turin, at the age of 21.

His passions involve travelling, nature, diving and wildlife.

He combines these passions by photographing a diversity of landscapes and seascapes on every trip he takes, from the regions of the Namib desert to the provinces of Costa Rica, learning from new cultures, whilst capturing each corner of the planet.

His inquisitive personality allows him to get even closer to nature always taking photos with integrity and respect of their habitat, never to disturb an animal in its natural environment.

Spending time surrounded by nature, watching and picturing wild life brings him the most joy and privilege.

Working in the sustainability sector aligns with his values of preserving the beauty of nature and care of the environment.

Other hobbies include perfecting his multilingual skills, cooking and playing the guitar.

Instagram: nadim__7

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