Paul Martingell

All the photographs in my display have been taken with a Nikon FM2n 35 mm camera which I bought used in 2015 for £180. The six pictures are part of a series I started in 2015 and are simply my view of London.
There is very little editing and I try and Ieave a lot of the fundamental elements as they are and let the different types of film display their own properties.

The brief I set myself for these shots was to try to capture the small moments that matter but are easily hidden in a big city and also make them all connect up as a series somehow, as if they were a long paragraph in a book that had a coherent theme.

The lenses I used are Nikkor Ais manual lenses; 50 mm f1.4, 24 mm f 2.0, 85 mm f 2.0. I also use these on my Nikon D810 camera along with a Sigma ART 35mm f1.4.
Film used for the display photos are Ilford FP4 and HP5 b&w and the colour shot is on Kodak Gold 200 asa.

After the films are developed I scan everything myself using an Epson V550 and save each image as a Tiff file so there is no compression loss. From these master copies I make jpegs as needed.

I started photography in 1972 using my Fathers Voigtlander 35 mm rangefinder camera.
Film photography has stuck with me throughout my life and
London has provided me with a living for so many years and I have come to love all it’s many aspects and the people who populate it. Never all good but never all bad, it just is. At low points in my life I pick up the Nikon and wander round this enormous place and always find something I’ve never come across before and feel better at the end,

I hope you enjoy them.

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