Rob Romig-Fox

Although I have several photography interests, my main passion is to create fine art photographic portraits that bring out the “who”, “the essence” of the people I photograph. Through my portraits I seek to inspire viewers to place themselves in the shoes of my subjects. With my portraits, I work to capture specific moments on the life-path journeys my subjects are traveling, alone or with others. Finally, I hope by sharing my images that they will invoke not only empathy, but also a sense of wonder for those appearing in the photographs.
All my fine art photography works are mono-chromatics. I call this line of my photographic work “Contemporary Vintage.”
My other photography interests center on macro, architecture and scenic images. Here my focus is to create images that hold viewers interest for more than a passing glance. Plus, I want viewers to be motivated to mentally place themselves within or at the setting I have captured as an image.
I hold an AA Degree in Photography Technology and an AC in Digital Imaging from Washtenaw Community College; a BS Degree in Social Science/Economics from Eastern Michigan University; and an AA Degree in Liberal Arts from Lansing Community College.

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