Rod was born in in Liverpool, England in 1954 and lived in Southport until the age of 21. He began taking photographs age 9 with a Box Brownie and a Kodak Instamatic, but became serious about photography after purchasing his first Leica, a D-Lux 2. He has used M9, M240 Monochrome, M10, Q and now the M10 Monochrome.

Rod has lived, travelled and worked in Brighton, Israel, Denmark, and London, before moving to his beloved Somerset where he now lives with his partner. Being outdoors has always been essential to his everyday life and work, and informs his photography. The breadth of subject matter and raw material Somerset offers – coastline, Exmoor, ancient buildings and land, churches and the local inhabitants and craftsmen – have all been captured by Rod’s lens.

Rod has always preferred to shoot in black and white, feeling it complements his subject matter and allows the viewer to enter his world where shadow and light convey more accurately what he sees through his lens.

Recently Rod has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease that demands he adapts his methods without losing the essential spontaneous elements of the work. In some ways this has enhanced his skill as he is forced to slow down, and to intensify his focus in the moment in order to compensate.

Instagram: @rod.hig

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