Sandra Kent

Sandra was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Growing up surrounded by the luxuries of the African bush, Sandra developed a passion for animal conservation and later photography.

Photography has taken Sandra down many paths, yet her biggest passion is Africa and photographing the beauties it has to offer as well as conveying a message about the demise of the Big Five (Elephants, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo and Leopard)
Having a close connection with people involved in the every day protection of these majestic animals, the Rhino has become Sandra’s next big project.
Highlighting the plight of these animals, wanting to bring even more attention to the seriousness of poaching and how it is decimating a species.
The selection of images for this project will be titled – “Lost Identity” indicative of the theme.
The hope is that people around the world continue to make a stand against Poaching.
Do not let the existence of an animal be a mere memory in an image, let it be an ever lasting life for generations to come.

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