Selly Gardner-Morrison

My story
I have worked as a professional photographer for 22 years. I began my career photographing musicians and bands in the 2000s. Later I moved on to portraiture, architectural photography, then later still, horses and dogs.

A year ago I began to take my camera on walks with my one eyed spaniel. On one of these mornings my new macro lens was attached to camera, ready for a shoot later that day. Lying on in the dewey grass verge at 7am watching the drops of water fall from a petal down into the shadows, I wondered if I might have found my zen.

With my photographic artwork I aim to show the beauty and the resilience of the wild. Often I highlight only a tiny detail, a special smidgen of a flower. The light works in the same way, to reveal the story the wildflower wants to tell, and what it wants to obscure with shadow.

If you get close enough you can see their grace & beauty, not only when they are in bloom, but in their waining. When they are letting go of their seeds and preparing to pave the way for more life, more wilderness.

In these photos I aim to show you the natural grace of wildflowers, plants & trees. I don’t pick or move flowers as I photograph them, nor do I alter colour or form. The plants are just as you see them here, but you may have not noticed such perfect detail. Or perhaps you rushed by in you car, and they were no more than a blur in the hedgerow. I know I have done that for years.

Such beauty. Such wild perfection.

Instagram: @sellygmart

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